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Downloadable Tools

This page contains downloadable tools for you to work with in your own time, and covers a wide range of areas.

The Wheel of Life

If you're struggling to find an area to begin your journey of self exploration and improvement, then look no further than the 'Wheel of Life'. It’s a simple, yet effective tool that will show you areas within your lifestyle that requires a little more care and attention.

From there you can discover the smaller details or action steps needed to help get you to the next level in any area of your life.


Values Illicitation (Finding your values)

Knowing your own values play such a huge role in the way you live your life. Values are fundamentally who you are at your core soul level. They act as your inspiration, your guiding force, your identity.

This exercise will help you rediscover those values. Where you can use them as your guide to find your next exciting chapter.

The Inner Board Room (Breaking People pleasing & Perfectionism)

The board room tool is an effective method for understanding who or what is holding you

back from achieving your goals.

To some, how to go about achieving a goal, as well as the final result can often be implemented with the intention of pleasing others, rather than doing things in alignment with your needs and desires.

This tool will give you the clarity and power to gain back the control of your actions. Where your decisions will be made for you benefit above anyone else's.

Letter Writing (Finding the answers)

Throughout your journey you’ll be presented with difficult challenges. Challenges where you’ll be provided with a lot more questions than answers.

The common feeling among all these questions is confusion, loss, lack of direction and purpose. You know the answers are so close, but how do you get them?

This letter writing tool is a very powerful method for helping you break out of your own self made prison. Giving you answers and directions led by your future based 'Super self'

Silvia Rosenmayer – Senior Finance Customer Manager

"Kevin helped me defining a goal to focus on. Thanks to his coaching i was able to develop techniques to focus and appreciate the positive sides in my life. I am using these techniques almost every day which helped me finding back my inner balance"

Ben Woods – Small Business Owner

"Working with him, it really helped to reduce any anxiety or confusion I had, as we broke bigger tasks into more manageable ones and put things in a more logical order so things got done in the right way. Often by actually verbalising an idea with Kevin, it really helped me see what I had to do versus before coaching I might have been mulling over the ideas in my head for weeks"

Carrie Overton – Well-being Coach

I feel like our sessions have  brought about a deeper and more honest understanding about myself - my values, my limiting beliefs and how I really feel about aspects of my life.
I can honestly say that I feel more confident in my skills and who I am, and more at peace as a result of the coaching sessions and I 100% have a better understanding of what makes me tick.
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