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Speaking Services

I tell my motivating story, inspiring listeners with the message that life isn’t about what happens to you, but how it happens for you.

Offering talks that cover a wide range of subject areas. Speaking of the knowledge and tools that have been successfully learnt and tested from that life changing day in 2016. How these can be used as guidance for empowering change to becoming your true self.

Example talks are listed below, but these can be tailored to your desired outcome.


Living in true freedom

Motivate and inspire you to explore within. To understand where you're blockages are and more importantly how to remove them so you can live in true freedom. The answers are there, if you know where to look. Anything and everything is possible.

The power of acceptance

How finding acceptance in absolutely anything can pave the way to setting yourself free from self-imprisonment, and living your best life.

How to truly Love yourself

To start giving yourself permission to be happy and embrace the joy in the simple things. Opening up a new level of peace and love for yourself.

Defeating Imposter Syndrome

How removing negative and limiting beliefs can eliminate the ‘inner critic’ in all of us. Shattering that image we’re not good or worthy enough, so we can live in an empowerment mindset.

Educational Talks

I also use my story to assist those in the medical profession to strengthen relationships with their patients.

My educational talks look back on my diagnosing and surgical process. This detailed approach helps bring into the spotlight where improvements can be made during diagnosis and general after care.

The goal behind the talks is to bring awareness to certain scenarios where potential illnesses can be caught more effectively for the sake of the patient. Along with strengthening the excellent aftercare of surgical patients.

Previous Successes

My educational talks have been extremely effective at staff/nurse training days who are looking at small but successful tips into maintaining and building rapport with their patients.

Medical students and institutions have also benefited from these talks. Also being at the front line, they also know just how important it is to achieve an effective diagnosis.  

Both examples share the same emphasis on:

  • The importance of taking all patients seriously

  • Working with and treating patients as equals

  • Providing effective information for patient care

  • Considering the psychological needs just as much as the physical needs

Please get in touch HERE, I’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs further.

Dr Sarah Greenwood – Lecturer, Physician Associate Programme, University of Reading

Kevin is able to portray his story most effectively, prompting meaningful reflections on contemporary healthcare and patient-centeredness"

Michelle Scicluna – Head of Stoma Department, Royal Berkshire Hospital

"Kevin supported us at our stoma study day where he provided a talk / presentation for staff on his experience as a patient. He was able to give constructive feedback to staff which highlighted the importance of the psychological impact stoma surgery has on patients. The staff were all humbled by Kevin’s story and his experience"
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