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Finding your why!

Throughout my journey, and since the operation, I was blessed to obtain a spiritual awakening of sorts. Like that big epiphany moment you see in the movies. A deep traumatic event that truly changes your life, which I’m sure most of you can relate too. One that makes you see the world differently. You realise what’s truly important in life. Growing an appreciation for the little things you often take for granted. That you stop stressing over what really isn’t that important. Really learning to let go of the past, and feel present in the moment.


During my awakening, I’d never felt so powerful and free. I was able to go through such traumatic events and come out the other side with full acceptance. A sense of complete control. Full of joy and love for my life. Using a new body and mindset, I’m fully embracing this second chance.

I learnt, in order to find acceptance, and the answers I needed to overcome the past, I had to change my behaviour and mindset. Changing how I react to my triggers of depression and anxiety. Changing how I internally spoke to myself. How to look for the positives in everything. What lessons can be taken from any situation to help myself continuously evolve. Using this as a template for all of what life is to throw at me; and I feel it’s my obligation to share these tools and techniques with the world.

It was through this experience that I’d finally found my mission. My 'WHY', if you will. Deep down I’ve always felt I was destined to make an impact on this world. To change the world. Now, I realise my specific purpose is to help others completely transform the view of their own world. To change their world for the better. It’s not always easy, but it’s always possible, regardless of the circumstances.

Through empowerment coaching, you will discover your own tools for achieving, overcoming and thriving at anything you choose. To help you get out of your own way, by changing behaviours and mindsets that will clear the way for you to explore your true purpose and potential with clarity. To encourage you to live as your most peaceful and joyful self. Bringing your true energy and creative self to the surface. Removing all negative and limiting beliefs. Bringing you to that ultimate inner state of freedom. This worked for me, so I know it can work for you too.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to be their true self, right?!

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