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All Hands In


I also present my tools and techniques in workshops environments. Great for small groups, these workshops are great opportunities for those to have their voices heard in an informal and friendly environment. Where you will learn key skills, tools and techniques to integrate into your daily lives.

The topic itself can be chosen by you and the message you’re looking to promote. Popular topical areas I cover are:

  • Resilience

    • How to change your mindset when difficult moments happen. Using them to help you bounce back each time

    • Manage stress

    • What you’re feeling won’t be forever and will get better

    • How to take control

  • Confidence/Imposter Syndrome

    • How to change your negative beliefs

    • That you can do anything you want, and deserve success

    • Regain that feeling of empowerment we've had in us all along

  • Self-love and worthiness

    • The mindset and rewards of dating yourself

    • Importance of listening to your heart

    • Analyse and improve self-talk

  • Working through trauma

    • Coping mechanisms

    • That its ok to not be ok sometimes

    • How to take back control

    • You’re still worthy and enough


In turn, these workshops can increase confidence, teaches coping strategies and improves resilience in stressful situations. Giving you the best possible chance at succeeding in anything you choose to pursue.

These can be integrated effectively into any awareness weeks you run on mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness etc. Areas that are important as ever, following the isolations of covid. They are also perfect for specialised PSHE lessons/events in schools.

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